Sunday, December 12, 2010

Raf - eeq

Salam sume :) woi woi~~ mendelah title aku nh? Raf-eeq?? wei?? rafeeq tuh anak sape wei?? hahaha..:) hahaha..ayoyo jer aku nih :) anyway,nak recommanded sikitlah~kat korang sume..:) meh meh tengok drama Raf-eeq yang telah pun di tayang dekat Astro Ceria :) wahhhhh~~~ suka tengok drama nih~ bestttt! & menarik~~~ :) lawakk pun ader :) huhuhu :) so jum! jum tengok ! :)

Rafeeq, askar maya dari abad ke-22 hampir kekurangan kuasa ketika berperang lalu merentas masa bagi mendapatkan pertolongan Profesor Arif. Malangnya, Arif berumur 12 tahun ketika mereka bertemu.

In the future, 22nd Century, the creator of MISA (Malaysia Intelligence Space Army), Professor Deen, celebrates with Commander RAFeeQ but reminds him that although they have won the battle against the RATAVA armies, their Polyphenols Production Power Plants had been destroyed. MISA will be out of power supplies in 3 days! The worst scenario is, the RATAVA will be back in anytime to take revenge! MISA must getPolyphenols in large volume as soon as possible. Professor Deen discovers that a type of plant that is no longer existed in the 22nd Century can provide big volume of qualityPolyphenols, and the plant is called banana tree! Professor Deen decides to send Commander RAFeeQ to the past, in a time machine, to get help from Arif who will provide the supplies to RAFeeQ, in order to save the future. Unfortunately, while beaming RAFeeQ to the future, the MISA communication centre is under attack and the communication with RAFeeQ is lost. Professor Deen tells everyone that they may have lost Commander RafeeQ.

In 2011, the first time Arif meets RAFeeQ is on his 12th birthday. Not knowing who RAFeeQ is, he freaks out and later realises that RAFeeQ is a system designed by Arif’s great, great, great grandson, Professor Deen, in the 22nd century. He was programmed to find Arif, a young upcoming scientist at the age of 32, but instead Professor Dean accidently sent RAFeeQ back to 2011 and RAFeeQ’s main mission to gather as much Polyphenols in the pasts, gets wiped out. Arif gets to know about RAFeeQ’s mission and he is willing to help when he finds out about the Polyphenols. Arif helps RAFeeQ to find the source he needs. Arif is good in science and keen on doing his own science experiments. His dad provides him with a mini lab in his own room - but they are just some toys for kids.

Now, Arif is on a mission to help RAFeeQ. His good friends are Kiera and Boon. Hisham and his three sidekicks will be the antagonist while Cikgu Zaharah is Hisham’s mother, who is also Arif's tuition teacher. Only Kiera and Boon knows about RAFeeQ’s real story.

What's the deal for RAFeeQ and Arif?

Duration: 13episodes x 30mins
Language: Malay
Casts: NAS-T, Ahmad Ezzrin Loy, Wahid Senario
Producer: Red Communications Sdn Bhd
Writer: Azril Hamzah

Ahmad Ezzrin Loy sebagai Arif

NAS-T sebagai Rafeeq


purplekyu^_^ said...

layan jugak cite ney...bez2!
mmg menarik perhatian...huhu
yg pnting PISANG... ;)

Lala Halim said...

hahahaha..betoi2 citer nih bessttt!