Friday, February 19, 2010

i still....

Minna-sama!~ genki desu ka??
hahaha..why i'm talking japanese*juz forget about that..hahah
fuhh!~ tomorrow is weekends!~ kyaaaaaaa!~!!!! I love it!~ but..hey!~ wait? I got tuition class tomorrow on Saturday & Sunday..aiyaa......!~ =_= why I'm forget about that laa......ish! thnx GOD my homework for tuition already finished will not angry laa...*he will..coz he never angry this before..hahaha..* baka student!

Well,wakey-wakey on evening..i'm tired backing from know what..I'm dreaming that i'm changed my layout again..hahahaha...whatever!~ seems my Kak Long woke me up....
''Qilah!!~ bangun!~ tolong Kak long kejap....kak long tak tau parents punyer YM..password dyer aper? mak nak webcam nie....!!~ said Kak long.
''huh???'' replied me. Well,on that time..i'm feels...semi-realizes..laa...*separuh sedar
so..i'm woke up...still with my uniform school...that not changed it..hahaha.then, all problem about YM was solved..hehehe.....After my mum webcam with my second bro that studying in Egypt..I'm take over.I'm wondering short..why i'm feels that i'm want to know about my ''Wonder Boy'' hehehe..whose? Ogata Hiroto..members from Alice!~ seems he became too kawaii na!!!~

new hair!~ love it!~

another pics!~

my 'wonder boy!'~ nice pose!~

mood: lala dh mandi~ hehehe *happy

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