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Yama-chan and Mariya’s Bracelets…?

The never ending rumor really makes you think if there’s any hint of truth in it making people dig some old photos as such. Somebody posted the rumored matching bracelets Yama-chan and Mariya wears. It’s too small to be appreciated. Although I’ve seen that papapic (guess I have to look for it and scour every inch of Mariya’s blog for a bigger picture). But other than that I need HQ pics before I make my opinion at least on Mariya’s.
(EDIT below)

Although I still don’t believe that is true. And I’m quite surprised that some people have the same belief as we share the same reasons. Here are some comments that I do believe in some ways.

“Yamada is too big of a money maker for Johhny, so I don’t think he’s gonna get kicked out because of some high school romance.”

I do believe and hope so! The moneymaker part, I wouldn’t believe this if they had just debuted but the fact that Yama-chan’s uchiwas and concert goods are first and sometimes the only one to get sold out fast in concerts proves this right. They ended up ordering more amount of goods for the more popular member and lesser for the unfortunate members to make it look equal but as far as I’ve heard Yama-chan’s are almost always sold out. Aside from that he’s quite busy with dramas and guesting so yeah I hope the profit he brings for Johnny will make him indispensable in JE.

“I agree with u… It’s not like HSJ are 10 members…
It’s like HSJ is Yamachan “

First off I love JUMP but the second comment was like “My thoughts exactly!” It doesn’t matter if JUMP is complete, although I like seeing them complete too, but as long as I see Yama-chan I’m okay! After all I like JUMP coz Yama-chan is in it and I ended up liking Chii and Yuuto (he’s climbing up in my ranking nowadays! I miss Yuuto!) and Ryuutaro. I like JUMP but I admit if Yama-chan isn’t involved in it I don’t get interested. Like how I am aware of Yabu and Hikaru’s song but don’t really give much attention to it. Or their shows. Especially BEST. I’m fond of Dai-chan (the BFF ofcourse!) but other than that I like 7 more.

“…he might be young, but YamaRyo is…very focused on his work. I doubt he would risk it.”

Yeah he does emphasize that he loves his work and everyone can see Yama-chan’s the career type of guy. I don’t think he’s that stupid to get caught up in a difficult situation.

“Yama-chan is too cute for her!”

Hahahaha! I know!
That alone could make you not believe the rumors!

Anyway, I don’t really get upset with this Mariya thing but it’s exciting reading other peoples thoughts about it. I remember when I nearly had a heart attack and cried the whole day when the Yama-chan GF rumor started like during JUMP debut? That was something! Fangirls are having “cry-athlon” on every forums! But since Yama-chan’s image is more on the sexy mature type (and he could really pull it off great!) I have long made myself accept that it might happen in the future. And that might be now!

One more thing, I used to have those kinds of bracelets!
So unless Yama-chan’s name is etched on Mariya’s bracelet beads and vice versa, I don’t believe it. And one thing that really makes a difference in my opinion whether to believe or not is, isn’t Mariya taller than Yama-chan? His height inferiority would’ve made this rumor totally unbelievable coz I still don’t quite believe he’d go out with a girl taller than him. He did grew up a few inches since he said he’s 5cm or inches away from his target height. But they said to be starting dating before Hori supposedly when they met in Scrap Teacher. But that wouldn’t make me believe it either coz she was really taller than Yama-chan that time!

Anyway this post made me hungry. I’ll just keep on watching for any progress. But honestly with the height issue…not buying it!
So unless Yama-chan grew a few more cm that I’m not aware of, I might reconsider the threat!

My eyes hurt! Waah fortunately I found it! Posted May 14th 2009. Gosh! 5 days after Yama-chan’s 16th bday?!!

p/s: i got from from HeySayEra(multiply) ^^

p/s: ak ase x betoi~ jgn percayer ark....anou...'minah' tu...blakun..kt scrap teacher..yamada pun blakun gak...haha>

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