Wednesday, August 26, 2009

JE New Girl Group!?

Crystal, a hot topic among netizens. First, for being the female SHINee. Second, for continuously postponing their debut and last, the cancellation. The group is still under SM Entertainment, yet they also signed a contract with Johnny’s Entertainment in Japan for a second home agency of the group. Currently, the group is in Japan and is working with Johnny Ent.’s for their upcoming debut.

According to a reliable source, DoYeon, the youngest in the group receives a different training from the other group members. There was one time that all other members left already, but remeber, it is already 1 AM! Do Yeon stayed up until 3:30 and slept for 2 hours and went to studio at 6 and scholl @ 7. Do Yeon receives very harassing training. Actually, Do Yeon’s grades are degrading. With this, the girls told SM about the way of life of a JE trainee. The girls filed aginst JE not SM. SM will provide support for the group and will look for solution to end their 4-year contract with JE immediately.

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Rin said...

i hate them..
why do they need to go to JE?!?!
i can't say anything anymore..
its just..,
i hate those korean girls..

Arioka Reira said...

i hate those korean girls..........

~lala x yabu x inoo said...


emina said...

erm, it would be awesome if there is girl group in JE except not koreans and dont they dare to have any connection with other JEs xD

~lala x yabu x inoo said...

awesome...awesome gak..nanti yuto kne ambik..aduh~

riiyo said...

wha-whaaaat? what the heck's happening to the world? je ACTUALLY has girl members NOW???? since when????

emina said...

aih, kalo dorg cri matti, silakn xD

Anonymous said...

i hope this isn't true~~~!!!!
i really don't want this to happen~!!

Anonymous said...

they really don't need to be in JE
and their attitudes don't fit in JE~!!!!!
i'm a fanboy and i don't want this to happen..!!